The Fitness Commitment

19:23 Stephanie Karaula 0 Comments

New Year, New me, right? Although it's late February I have decided that I want to make a strong change in the 'fitness department'. I'm not the most active person but I do enjoy evening walks after dinner. I have never stepped foot into a gym let alone use one. 

I was at the local shopping centre last week and passed Lorna Jane. I saw that they were still promoting New Year to convince people to go into the store and buy an overpriced piece of activewear to use three times for their new year's resolution to become fitter and then dump it in the bottom of the washing basket never to be seen again.

Well it worked because I walked into the store and picked out 6 sports bras to try on. I found one that fit perfectly and handed it to the lady so that I could pay for it. Here is the one I bought.

Yesterday I also went to the gym wearing this new sports bra and I have been going on evening jogs - not walks ever since.

I am very proud to say that I haven't given up on this Fitness Commitment and haven't thrown my sporting clothes at the bottom of my wardrobe.

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