Book Worm

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I have always been a person who LOVES reading books. I sometimes start a book in the morning and finish it in the evening. I enjoy all genres and styles but my favourite is mystery/romance. I read all of my books from the YA section in my local bookstore.

As my fellow bookworms may know, books are expensive things. I spend hundreds of dollars a year on books that I read 1-2 times. Never fear though because I have discovered a free source for all of the books I want. The campus Library. You are probably sitting there like 'Is she serious?' and yes, I am serious.

I have never borrowed from Libraries before because I assumed that they wouldn't have the latest and greatest books. I was very wrong. I have been borrowing some of the newest books out there recently at the swipe of a card. Here are a couple of books I have read from the Library.


 Not if I see you first was published in December 2015 and appeared on my Library shelf early January. I was hesitant to read it because I wasn't sure how the book would go down but in the end it was alright. It did get a bit boring towards the end.

Rainbow Rowell very quickly became one of my favourite authors after I read this book. I can totally relate to the characters in the book. This book was fabulous and I recommend it to anyone who is a major fangirl

Liccle bit is the book I'm currently reading. I have only read about two chapters but I'm enjoying it so far. Not much to say about this book yet but I will update on my twitter @StephieKaraula if I'm enjoying it

I now live in my campus library so if you see me give me a holler.

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