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Todays post is going to be something a little different. It’s a collab post between Someone Online and The Beige Life. We wrote this together over a google doc. If you want to collab with Someone Online, go to her main page and scroll to the bottom to fill out the survey.

Recently, we both went on shopping trips to find an amazing bargain to share with you. Because the seasons are changing there are lots of clearance sales to get rid of all the Summer stock (for The Beige Life) and winter stock (For Someone Online) so it was the perfect time to score a bargain.

The Beige Life:
I decided to go on a shopping trip with my sister to try and find a bargain because although she can be painful, she finds a lot of good deals. When I was in Ally Fashion having a look at the 50% off rack I looked over to a wall that had tons of bathers hanging on it. When I looked at the price it said they were $5 each. I found a pattern I liked and tried the top and bottom on. I really liked them and because they were so cheap, decided to call it my bargain and retire from shopping for the day.

Someone Online:
A day or two ago, my family took a trip up to the shopping outlets to see if we can find anything to last us these few last months of the winter season. My family split up, two of my sisters with my mom and my older sister with me. We went to a bunch of different stores before she dragged me into Hollister. The clothes in Hollister don’t really fit me, because I have a very slim built, they all just seem really baggy, but as my sister were looking at the jeans, I headed off into my own direction, searching for something I could fit in. I stumbled across an “outfit” section where they had certain items of clothing that just went together and found this super cute white vest with a puffy, fuzzy hoodie and beneath it came with a nice little, light sweatshirt that matched perfectly! All together it only cost $18, which is pretty cheap for Hollister. Proud of my accomplishment, my sister and I left the store to go find the rest of my crazy family to head on home.

Just reminding you all that I (Someone Online) don’t take my own photos just yet, I don’t have a reliable camera for that.

That’s all we wanted to share with you all today! I hope you enjoyed our little finding adventures and are able to find some bargains of your own. Tell us in the comments what bargains you have scored!

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