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Who doesn't love to go into a department store and try out all of the samples? I don't know a girl that doesn't. Samples are a great way to try particular products that you have heard about and want to try them for yourself. I personally like to try samples because I like to see what new stuff has come out and try it.

For me, trying samples say at a Mac makeup counter in front of all of these workers is a bit uncomfortable for me because if I don't like the product I feel really rude saying that I wouldn't like to buy it for myself. A great solution for this is to try the samples in your own home when no one is around. 

You may be wondering if I just go to the shops, steal all the samples, take them home and try them but don't worry because I don't. I get them mailed to me! For my birthday I bought myself a present that I receive once a month. 

At the beginning of each month I receive a Bellabox that has 5-7 beauty samples and full sized products for me to try and keep for $20 a month. Here is the BellaBox from November: 

This Box was one of my favourites so far because all the products in here were great and enjoyable to use. The BellaBox is a great way to try out makeup and I am definitely going to renew it for next year.

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